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Below is a list of the problems we treat.



Viruses, pink eye, dental infections, oral thrush, ear aches, throat infections, sinus infections, etc.

Physical Therapist

Musculoskeletal problems

Muscle aches and sprains, back pain, neck pain, arthritis, tennis elbow, elbow swelling, gout attack, etc.

Skin Analysis

Skin Issues

Rashes, simple allergic reactions, shingles, skin infections, insect bites, eye lid infections, acne, athlete's foot, ring worm, toe nail fungus, etc.

A doctor telling patients how to use an asthma inhaler

Respiratory issues

Cough, allergies, wheezing, flu, Covid, RSV, bronchitis, simple pneumonia, etc. 

Image by Felicia Montenegro

Sexual health

Erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, balanitis, cold sores, genital herpes infections, etc.

Tired stressed businesswoman feeling strong headache massaging temples exhausted from over

Neurological issues

Migraines, vertigo, etc.

Prescription Drugs

Medication refills

Medication refills of chronic medication (blood pressure medication, cholesterol medication, thyroid medication, etc.)

Blood Pressure Check

General Health

High blood pressure.

what Don't we treat

Below is a list of the problems we do not treat.


Chest pain

We do not treat any chest pain, shortness of breath, palpations, arrhythmias, etc.

Psychology Session

Psychiatric issues

We do not treat any anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation.

Prescription Medication


We do not prescribe narcotics of any kind.

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